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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Setelah lama :P

Assalamualaikum :)

Salam sejahtera, salam satu malaysia :) Okay . Sudah pun hampir 3 bulan dah tak update any post kat blog ni. Bak kata bloggers ' Dah Bersawang ' , ya, dah bersawang hahhah :) Segala jenis labahII dah hidup merataII dah ni. Haihh :)

Kenapa lama tak update blog?

Kalau ditanyakan kenapa, senang je jawapan dia, sebab takde cerita.

Takde cerita? Boleh elaborate sikit tak?

Oh! Nak elaborate? Hmmmm . Jap fikir ayat jap . Oh okay , actually many things happen in my life . But since all the events happen when I was in my boarding school, I can't write it in my blog . So, simultaneously I forgot what really did happened in my life when I have reached home. So macamtulah . Aku ni cepat sikit lupa. But it's not Amnesia or Alzheimer okay. 

So sekarang ni, dah ada ceritalah?

Hahaha, takde pun sebenarnya. tak tahu nak cerita apa . Takde yang menarik, tak boleh nak letak gambar jugak . sebab when I was writing this post, I was in school. Payah sikitlah nak letak gambar sana sini. But I would like to share something. Have my readers known about simplesite.com ? Mesti tak pernah dengar kan! Yeah ofcourse, trylah and maybe you'll like, or you'll not. But for me, bukan nak kutuk, tapi blog lagi awesome lah . And my best friend pun kata simplesite is somehow a little bit boring lah. Sebab entahlah, maybe serabut sikit. Simplesite ni macam blog jugak lah, and rather much complicated . Give it a try! Aku dah try and I found it somehow boring and too much burdeninglah. So I'll stick to blog. Kauorang pun patut try, tengok kita punya pendapat sama ke tak. 

Kenapa? Teruk sangat ke simplesite tu?

Takdelah, kadangII seronok. tapi aku tak berapa berkenan sangat dengan simplesite. But out of 29 of my class members, 15 cakap seronok , so maybe aku je yang berprasangka buruk terhadap simplesite. So I would like to call upon all of my readers to give simplesite a shot. So it's not that bad lah kot ? Hmmmph, okay stop! Situ jelah cakap pasal simplesite ni.

Cerita lain , takda?

Hmm, what should I write? Hmm, since I am missing my family so much , so I would like to tell something about my family. Be amazed :)

Hahh. This is my father, a very responsible caring and loving plus handsome father. He was born on 20th of September 1962, so by now, he has reached 51 :) Although he is 51, he is still strong okay, he looks like he is just 35 right? Hahah, yelah . But it's quite sad looking to his disease, a chronic disease. Guess what? He has diabetes. But thank God, It's not that serious :) He works as a policeman. And yeah, he looks dangerous , and strict either, but believe me, He's that one kind of a person that you dreamed to hang out with :)

And the top one is my mother, Ruslaili bt Mohd Tun . My beloved mommy :) Hehe, She's nice she's quite, was born on 23rd of April 1968, so by 2013, she's approximately 45 :) Well that's make her 5 years back before getting half a decade! But then, she has various types of diseases even I could not tell every single one! Okay let me list them.

: Diabetes
: High blood pressure
: Low blood pressure
: Kidney damage
: Pancreas damage
: Gaut
and many more :'( Pray for her! 

Then my sister, Farah Shahira binti Zailan :) She's cute, right? Everyone stalks her. Haha, I got famous in school because the seniors are seizing a chance on her through me! Hahhahahha . IDK why, they looked serious though in chasing my sis! LOL, IKNOW! My sis is a total cute one!

And meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I don't want to talk about me . Well, actually, I'm getting boring of typing a blog nowadays -.- Maybe I should stop and delete my blog in the future?

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